The Best 4 Winter Tires You'll Invest In.

February 1, 2023
Tabe de Vries

Best Winter Tires You'll Invest In


Winter tires, commonly referred to as snow tires, are a type of tire made to improve traction and handling in all winter weather conditions. They are an essential vehicle safety feature for anyone driving in the cold, wet, and snow and the difference between a safe, comfortable ride and a dangerous, slippery one.


Key Takeaways

  • Winter Tires for Enhanced Safety: Winter tires, also known as snow tires, are designed to provide improved traction and handling in cold, wet, and snowy conditions. They are a crucial safety feature that can make a significant difference in driving comfort and safety during winter weather.
  • Traction in Cold Conditions: Winter tires maintain traction in cold temperatures due to a flexible rubber compound that stays pliable below 7.0 °C. This flexibility allows them to grip icy roads effectively, reducing the risk of skidding.
  • Deep Tread for Snow Displacement: Winter tires have deeper treads than summer or all-season tires. This design helps them displace slush and snow more efficiently, preventing snow buildup and maintaining clear road contact.
  • Improved Handling & Stability: Winter tires enhance a vehicle's handling and stability on snow and ice-covered roads. They provide consistent grip, improving braking, acceleration, and steering performance, contributing to overall road safety.
  • Cost Savings & Efficiency: Despite the initial expense, investing in winter tires leads to long-term cost savings. These tires reduce the likelihood of accidents and vehicle damage, resulting in lower insurance premiums and maintenance costs. Additionally, their ability to maintain proper air pressure in cold temperatures enhances fuel efficiency, saving fuel costs.
  • Seasonal Use is Crucial: Winter tires should only be used in cold weather conditions. Their flexible compound and deep tread, while advantageous in winter, can decrease fuel efficiency and tire lifespan in warmer seasons.
  • Mobile-Tire Advantage: Mobile-Tire Inc. offers a convenient solution for winter tire purchases. We source top brands of new tires and rims, providing on-site installation at your home or office. Contact our client service agents for tire advice and service estimates.


Why Use Winter Tires?

When summer and all-season tires drive at low temperatures, they lose traction because they stiffen and become rigid. The core advantage of owning winter tires is maintained traction on cold and icy roads. Winter tires contain a rubber compound that remains flexible in temperatures below 7.0 °C to sustain grip on the road. In addition to better traction, winter tires have a deeper tread than summer or all-season tires, which helps them to displace slush and snow more effectively. Designing the tire tread this way makes winter tires useful in areas with heavy snowfall, preventing snow build-up on the tires and keeping a clear contact patch with the road.


Another benefit of snow tires is improving a vehicle's handling and stability. When driving on snow or ice, it is crucial to have tires that can grip the road consistently and provide a stable, predictable driving experience. Without proper traction, a vehicle can lose control and skid on slippery roads, putting the driver, passengers, and other road users at risk. Winter tires counter the concerns, offering improved braking, acceleration, and steering performance in winter conditions.


Cost Savings

For working professionals, it is always important to identify ways to reduce costs. While investing in winter tires may initially seem like an extra expense, it saves your family or business money in the long run. Since winter-rated tires provide improved traction and stability on icy roads, they decrease the chance of accidents and damage to your vehicle. As a result, you will enjoy lower insurance premiums and less costly maintenance. Unlike the other tire types, winter tires maintain proper air pressure in cold temperatures, meaning less energy is required to move the vehicle. The increase in fuel efficiency lowers fuel costs and saves you money.


The potential savings from investing in winter tires are massive - but beware of using them in the other seasons because they shouldn't ride in warmer weather. The same flexible compound and deep tread that make winter tires so effective in winter negatively impact their performance in Spring and Summer by decreasing fuel efficiency and shortening tire lifespan. Your investment value is highest when your money goes towards tires suited for the season.


Concluding Thoughts

Overall, owning a set of winter tires is monumental for added value on the road. Whether you are driving in a snowy mountain pass or an icy city street, they help to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. They deliver flexibility for better traction below 7.0 °C, deeper tread to displace snow and slush, and improved handling and stability, making it easier to navigate winter roads. If you live in an area beset by winter weather, you must invest in a set of winter tires to help reduce the risk of accidents and keep your family safe on the road.


Mobile-Tire Inc. is Greater Toronto's certified solution for procuring winter tires. We source leading brands of new tires & rims and conveniently bring the shop to your home or office to change, rebalance and install them. We order the top brands for your delivery and onsite installation, including Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli and more. Contact one of our client service agents by call or text at (416) 809-8221, email, or request service online for tire advice and a detailed estimate for your vehicle!



  • Why should I use winter tires? Winter tires offer improved traction, handling, and stability in cold and snowy conditions, enhancing driving safety during winter.
  • How do winter tires maintain traction in cold temperatures? Winter tires have a flexible rubber compound that remains pliable in temperatures below 7.0 °C, ensuring grip on icy roads.
  • What's the advantage of deeper tread on winter tires? A deeper tread helps winter tires displace snow and slush more effectively, preventing buildup and maintaining clear contact with the road.
  • Can winter tires be used in warmer weather? Using winter tires in warmer weather can decrease lifespan and fuel efficiency, so we recommend using them for cold conditions only.
  • Are winter tires a worthwhile investment? Yes, investing in winter tires can lead to long-term cost savings by reducing accident risks, vehicle damage, insurance premiums, and maintenance costs.
  • How do winter tires affect fuel efficiency? Winter tires maintain proper air pressure in cold temperatures, improving fuel efficiency and reducing fuel costs.
  • What's the Mobile-Tire advantage? Mobile-Tire Inc. offers convenient on-site tire and rim installation services, making it easy to procure and install winter tires at your home or office. Contact Us for expert advice and estimates.


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